Pricing & Promotions


CHOOSE TWO AREAS FOR ONLY $59* –  Lip & Chin, Underarms, Neckline or Basic Bikini
Bikini can be upgraded to *Extended Bikini for $79 or Full Bikini for $89 or Full Bikini Plus for $119
*Promotion valid for 1st treatment only. 

FACE FOR ONLY – only $89+*  regular price $149-$199 *Promotion valid for 1st treatment only.

FULL FACE & NECKLINE – only  $119+* regular price $199-$249 *Promotion valid for 1st treatment only.

LEGS PROMOTION – Upper and/or Lower Legs* Treatments 1 & 2 – $100 off each area / Treatments 3-5 – $50 off
Lower Legs regular price $199+  Upper Legs regular price $299+ (Price varies depending on size of surface area). * Continue to save $50 off each area for treatments 3- 5.

NECKLINE PROMOTION only $59 – Front and/or Back of Neckline regular price $99 each area.

MEN’S BACK & SHOULDERS –*Treatments 1 & 2- $100 off, plus Five Complimentary Back of Neckline treatments
regular price $399+ (Price varies depending on surface size area).

MEN’S CHEST & ABDOMEN –*Treatments 1 & 2- $100 off, plus Five Complimentary Front of Neckline treatments  regular price $398+ (Price varies depending on size of surface area).  *Continue to save an additional $100 off total, when doing both Back & Shoulders and Chest & Abdomen together in same appointment.

IPL ~RF PHOTOFACIAL PROMOTION – Introductory Price – FULL FACE only $199 (regular price $249)
Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial with Radio Frequency to help rid your skin of sun spots, broken cappillaries, redness of rosecea.
Package Option: Three IPL~RF Facial treatments for $597, plus get complimentary SkinCeuticals SPF product. (Value $34)

Rejuvenate and tighten your skin and remodel your collagen with little to no downtime.
Package Option: Three Mini Sublative RF Facial treatments for $597, plus get
complimentary SkinCeuticals SPF product. (Value $34)

*1st treatment must be booked by 03/31/18 for ALL Promotions. *Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

The ‘INFINITY Advantage’ Pricing

We simply have a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ per treatment program for all of the services we offer.
We do not require contracts or commitments. 

At INFINITY, we want to make our services available to as many people as possible. For over fifteen years, our clients have loved our concept that they never have to pre-pay and commit to a costly ‘package deal’.  We believe it should be your choice to return for your subsequent treatments, based on the service you receive and the results you achieve.  We are confident that you will love what we can do for you; but we’ll let you decide that.

‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Per Treatment Pricing

Women’s Areas Treatments 1-5

Advantage Pricing
for Treatments 6+*

Lip Only $49 $29
Chin Only $59 $59
Lip & Chin $99 $59
Lip & Chin ~Current Promotion $59 $59
Full Face $149 – $199 $89 – $119
Underarms $99 $59
Underarms ~Current Promotion $59 $59
Bikini Line $99 $59
Extended Bikini Line $129+ $79+
Full Bikini Line (Brazilian) $149 – $199 $89 – $119
Bikini Line~ Current Promotion: First treatment for any type of bikini line is at the Infinity Advantage Pricing ~ $59, $79, $89   (See bikini line descriptions below.)
Forearms $149 – $199 $89 – $119
Buttocks $49 – $199 $29 – $119
Lower Legs $199 – $249 $119 – $149
Upper Legs $299 – $399 $179 – $249
Legs~ Current Promotion: $100 off each lower and upper leg on your first and second treatment. Then take $50 off each lower and/or upper legs for treatments 3-5.
Men’s Areas

Treatments 1-5

Advantage Pricing
for Treatments 6+*

Chest $199+ $119
Abdomen $199+ $119
Chest & Abs $398+ $238
Chest & Abs~ Current Promotion: $100 off first  and second treatment when doing both areas together. FREE Front of Neck on the 1st five treatments.
Back Only $299+ $149
Shoulders $99 $59
Back & Shoulders $399+ $239
Back & Shoulders~ Current Promotion: $100 off first and second treatment when doing both areas. FREE Back of Neck on the 1st five treatments.
Back of Neck $99 $59
Back of Neck ~Current Promotion $59 $59
Front Neckline $99 $59
Front of Neck ~Current Promotion $59 $59
Forearms $199+ $119+
Beard $199 + $119 +
Ears $59+ $59

*Prices are quoted for an average sized person based on surface area.  Additional treatment areas and larger surface
areas will be quoted during initial consultation and priced accordingly for the additional treatment time required.

The INFINITY AdvantageSM pricing, entitles you to a 40% discount off the regular treatment price
from your sixth treatment on of a given area.

Referral Rewards Program

If you are pleased with the services you have received from us, we hope you will consider telling your friends, family, and colleagues.  For each new client that lists you as their referral source, you will receive a $25 Reward Card for your own services. Call or email us today if you need for us to send you more referral promotion cards with our New Client ‘Choose 2 areas for $59’.  Best of all, there is no limit and the reward gift card is transferable. Thank you in advance for sharing your success with Infinity laser hair removal with anyone who would benefit form our service.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased for any of our services & for any denomination. We’ll be happy to process the transaction over the phone for you and send it to you, along with your receipt.  For your added last-minute convenience, a printable gift certificate is also available when purchased via phone.  We will also be happy to mail the gift certificate directly to the recipient in a gift envelope, at no extra charge.

Click here to download a copy of our gift certificate. *Please contact us at 314.862.1000 to obtain an authorization code for the gift certificate to be valid for use.

Our ‘No-risk guarantee’ is offered because we understand that giving a gift certificate for laser hair removal or skin care may be an unusual gift, for some.  For your comfort, we offer a 100% refund guarantee of our purchased gift certificates.  If the recipient of the gift certificate was not as ‘thrilled’ as you thought they would be, we will refund your entire amount of purchase of the unused certificate within three months of the date of purchase, no questions asked.