Ask The Experts


This section is here to help you make informed decisions on your laser hair removal concerns, avoid being scammed, over-promised or pressured into a costly binding contract for laser hair removal. Here are our honest answers to many common concerns for you to review. Feel free to call or email us with any other questions or concerns you may have.

#1 As stated by the FDA, laser hair removal practices are not allowed to claim they can guarantee you permanent hair removal. They may guarantee, as INFINITY Laser does, permanent hair reduction. In a nutshell, permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area. This is why the FDA mandates that we use the term “permanent hair reduction” rather than permanent hair removal. Any hairs that remain are usually finer, thinner and lighter in color as a result of the initial treatments which in turn makes it more difficult for the laser to be effective. We will never make a guarantee to get every last hair, but you will have a significant reduction of your hair in your treated areas and be very satisfied with your results.

#2 Have you ever researched how so many Saint Louis Laser Hair Removal Centers that have gone out of business with their client’s prepaid contracts? Most of these laser centers required that you prepay for your services and sign up-front, non-refundable contracts. Don’t be fooled by the laser centers that say they will guarantee your permanent hair removal or your treatments will be free of charge for one to two years following your last treatment.

At INFINITY Laser, there are no prepayments or up-front contracts. We want it to be your choice to return to us. We make it affordable and easy for you to pay for your treatments as you move through the recommended treatment plan. For additional savings, the INFINITY Advantage Pricing offers a 40% reduction in per treatment pricing, should you need more than five treatments of a given area. You can be rest assured that we will be here for you to take advantage of this great savings.

#3 Many of our clients ask why are we are so much more affordable than other laser centers and our answer is two-fold. We have been in business the longest in Saint Louis area, under the same name and the same owner, so we don’t have the overhead that many of the new Medical Spas have. We can assure you that the quality of your service is not compromised by spending less for your laser or skin care treatments and being able to pay as you go. We have maintained our reputation and success because of our client’s continued referrals, and we generously reward them for it.

#4 Don’t be fooled by laser centers that have ‘Certified’ technicians performing the treatments with no background in skincare or anatomy. A four-hour training class is all that is offered to become ‘Certified’ by a laser manufacturer. Anyone can become a ‘Certified Laser Tech’. INFINITY Laser technicians are not only certified, but they are required by INFINITY Laser to either be a Missouri State Board Licensed Esthetician or a Registered Nurse, with extensive training in anatomy or skin related conditions. We recommend going to someone who has several years of experience in performing laser hair removal treatments and not just a laser center that says they are supervised a medical doctor. Most of the time, the doctor is never in the office and does not actually perform or oversee any of the laser treatments.

#5 Currently, there is no laser technology that has been proven to be effective in treating light hair colors such as gray, blonde or light red. We have researched different treatment options for lighter hair colors and have found the only permanent solution to treat lighter hair color is done only by Electrolysis.

#6 There is a common misconception that shaving the hair causes the hair to grow more, as well as be coarser and darker. This is absolutely not the case. The hair whether shaved, plucked, waxed or just left alone, continues to get coarser with age. Tweezing and waxing should be used with caution as some research suggests that these methods can potentially cause inflammation and trauma to the hair root with the subsequent development of ingrown hairs and further skin damage. Shaving does not affect the hair root and therefore has no inflammatory effect and it does not cause the hairs to grow in coarser, it just makes them feel coarser because of the blunt angle the razor creates.