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At Celsius we partnered with INFINITY laser with over 20 years of experience and over 3000+ laser treatments.

Laser Hair Removal is an effective permanent way to rid yourself of the inconvenience of your unwanted hair. Lumenis Lightsheer Diode lasers are the ‘Gold Standard’ in permanent hair reduction and the treatments are ‘VIRTUALLY PAINLESS’. We understand that the benefits of laser hair removal extend way beyond just saving time during your morning routine. If you experience problems of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and its associated redness and bumps, laser hair removal is the best solution. Coupling our advanced laser platform with our highly trained and licensed laser specialists, we offer superior results that typically range from permanent reduction of 85-95% of all treated hairs. The individual response can certainly vary, and we will explore expectations with you once we understand your individual factors affecting your potential with laser hair removal. In addition, we stand behind our promise and ensure the highest value.

Patients on average need a minimum of 6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal hair reduction.


We are so happy you decided to start your laser hair removal journey! Prior to contacting us to set up your first appointment please click on the button to the right and complete the skin type questionnaire to determine your Fitzpatrick skin type, that way we can perform the most safe and effective treatment for your skin type at your first visit.

Knowing your skin type is very important for a safe and effective treatment. Please complete the questionnaire below to determine your skin type prior to scheduling your 1st appointment. Darker skin tones naturally contain more melanin or pigment and absorbs more light, so for your safety we require skin types 4-6 to complete a complimentary consultation and test-spot prior to your 1st treatment.


A close shave to the area is required for all laser hair removal treatments. It is best to shave the night before or the morning of your treatment. Avoid waxing or tweezing at least 3 weeks before your appointment. To be eligible for treatment you need to avoid sun exposure and self tanners for several weeks before treatment; it is important that your skin is not tanned at all. Discontinue use of retinoids and prescription topicals in the area 14 days prior to your treatment. Discontinue antibiotics 14 days prior. This treatment cannot be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding patients.


The lasers we use for Laser Hair Removal emit light that is absorbed by the pigment, or melanin, in the hair therefore damaging the hair follicle and preventing future growth. We have a variety of lasers making this a safe and effective treatment for all skin types.


Treatment only takes 15-20 minutes for small areas, 20-30 minutes for medium areas, and 30-60 minutes for larger areas. Treatment typically feels like a slight rubber band snap on the skin and any discomfort should not linger. You may be slightly red or have minor irritation in the area being treated which will usually subside within 24 hours. With consistent treatments, you will notice the hair growing back much slower and finer each time. Expect to need about 9-12 sessions to achieve 75-95% reduction.


Everybody has three different stages of hair growth. The Anagen phase is the active growth phase and is the only phase where laser hair removal is effective. Only 20% of hair is actively growing during one Anagen growth phase, hence why multiple treatments are necessary for laser hair removal to be effective for long-term results. The phase can last 3-4 months on the body


1. Avoid tanning beds and sunless tanning products to prevent adverse reactions. We will be unable to treat you if you have a tan.

2. Avoid sun exposure greater than 30 minutes, even if wearing sunscreen.

3. Treatment area must be clean-shaven 12-24 hours prior to treatment. Unshaved clients will be rescheduled. Razors are not provided in the clinics.

4. Skin must be clean and free of makeup, lotions, oils, deodorant, sunless tanning products, numbing cream, etc. Products on the skin can increase the likelihood of adverse reactions from the laser.

5. Avoid physical activities that increase body temperature for at least 2 hours before treatments.


1. Mild redness and swelling of the hair follicles may occur (histamine reaction). This is normal and should lessen with time.

2. Avoid picking or scratching the skin.

3. Cool cloths may be applied or Aloe.

4. Avoid sun exposure, and other sources of UV light for 7 days post treatment. Careful sun exposure of no more than 30 minutes may be resumed from days 7-14 post treatment.

5. Avoid tanning beds for 14 days post treatment.

6. Apply a zinc oxide sunscreen (SPF 30+) and use daily throughout treatments.

7. Avoid activities that increase body temperature for at least 24 hours after treatment, or longer if redness and bumps persists.

8. If redness, swelling or itching continues, an over-the-counter cortisone cream and/or an oral antihistamine (Benadryl) may be used in addition to cool cloths.

9. Do not apply ice directly to the treated areas.

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