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INFINITY Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation is Saint Louis’ preeminent provider for the highest level of laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments at an affordable price. We utilize the most advanced laser technology of permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair for the face and body. Our specialty, qualifications and extensive training are exclusive to laser hair removal. We couple our passion for laser hair removal with the same dedication in offering our expertise in skin rejuvenation services. We focus on results-oriented skin rejuvenation treatments that provide faster results, without all the fluff.



Finally, there is a safe, effective permanent way to rid yourself of the inconvenience and embarrassment and your unwanted hair that is ‘VIRTUALLY PAINLESS’. We understand that the benefits of laser hair removal extend way beyond just saving time during your morning routine. If you experience problems of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and its associated redness and bumps, laser hair removal is the best solution.  Coupling our advanced laser platform with our highly trained and licensed laser specialists, we offer superior results that typically range from permanent removal of 85-95% of all treated hairs. The individual response can certainly vary, and we will explore expectations with you once we understand your individual factors affecting your potential with laser hair removal. In addition, we stand behind our promise and ensure the highest value with The Infinity AdvantageSM . It’s time for an investment in yourself that will last your lifetime.



As a part of the aging process, the skin’s natural levels of collagen begin to diminish. This lost collagen is essentially lost skin support, which is why fine lines and wrinkles form. Sun damage and other environmental factors can accelerate the aging process. Acne scarring can further damage the smooth texture of the skin.  Skin Rejuvenation treatments such as eMatrix Sublative RF Rejuvenation will greatly reduce and reverse these telltale signs of aging, leaving this skin softer and younger-looking! This advanced treatment is quite different from neuromodulators (like Botox or Dysport) and fillers (like Restylane, Juvederm, or Belotero) which work to diminish the signs of aging by relaxing the muscles, adding volume, and restoring the appearance of smooth, youthful skin. eMatrix Sublative Resurfacing uses a device that delivers bipolar radiofrequency (RF) deep in the dermis layer of your skin to increase collagen growth and promote healthy cell turnover without damaging the outer layer of skin.


Eliminate your skin discoloration and uneven skin tone with our innovative Intense Pulsed Light with Radio Frequency (IPL/RF) color correction system. This revolutionary method of photo rejuvenation improves your skin’s texture, tone, and appearance. A series of 3-5 IPL/RF treatments will diminish flushing or redness of the skin associated with hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and aging, erase broken capillaries, as well as reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.  There is no downtime following an IPL/RF treatment, so you can enjoy your daily activities. During your IPL series, you will notice imperfections fade away as a more radiant, healthier and clearer complexion appears.


Diamondtome Microdermabrasion
Epionce and SkinCeuticals Exfoliation Peels
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